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This march  we are asking the people of Victoria to get up, get outside and get creative.  Using your movements around town as ink and the cities map as one giant canvas we are asking you to create and submit your own walk drawings, so we can make one giant collaborative map drawing of Victoria! The goal is creativity, not fitness. So anyone can join in!   You can walk, ride, swim or roll. It’s not about the kms covered, its about how you use the space to make weird and wonderful designs and drawings!

This project was made possible with the help and support of these bodies:



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Watch the creations and collaborations unfold by following us on Facebook, Instagram  & YouTube for regular updates and helpful hints in making great map drawings.

Participation is FREE and all you need to do to join in, is have a look at the map around you for inspiration, then using whatever fitness tracking app you choose, like google fit for example, make a recording of your journey.

You can watch your drawing unfold on the screen as you go or you can leave it in your pocket and take in your surroundings.
When your done, you can customize your design by changing the color of your line and when you are happy with your map drawing, hit share and send it through to us via our email:

 It is just that simple! Participation is free and the best map drawings we receive will be featured on the Draw and Explore page on the NGV’s website for the duration of Design Week 2021.

We will also be offering a series of online workshops, so if you need some inspiration, help getting started or are hoping to get involved in some cool collaborations, check out the NGV website and book now!

SO get up, get out and get Creative!


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The aim is to re-ignite Victoria post COVID-19 Lock-down, by literally igniting the map with brightly coloured, weird and wonderful designs! SO go on Victoria, Get Up, Get Out and Get Creative!

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