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Here at OrCha, we offer the unique business proposition of cumulatively having expertise in every possible form of interactive multimedia. As a small start-up group, we can provide clients with a fast turn around, flexibility, quick 'on your feet' thinking to allow your projects to fully come to life. From 3D Projection Mapping Installation, Video Editing, 2D and 3D Asset and Content Creation, Games, App Design and Development we do it all and we do it with a difference.

 Core Values




At OrCha we believe that collaboration is key when it comes to making truly innovative, thought provoking art that will ultimately evoke positive change in the world. OrCha takes a unique approach to clients and potential investors: we work with clients, to really get to know them, what their vision is for their project and their community. From this we are able to create art that will thrive to it'll full potential for the client, their audience and community.




Technical Innovation and Creative Invention are the blood and bones of what makes the OrCha Collective what it is.As an intrinsic element of our practices as creative professionals and researchers, here at OrCha we are  constantly up-skilling,  experimenting, tinkering and exploring for new and alternative uses of existing technology, in the creative context. We don't just tell stories, we create experiences.


Here at OrCha we Acknowledge that we aren't perfect (but we're pretty bloody close). For this simple, human reason, at OrCha we are mindful to embody an open mind set, and we are constantly  engaged in learning new skills and improving our practices. At OrCha, as a team  learn from whatever each, individual creative conundrum entails. For this reason, OrCha is constantly acquiring new skills and making better projects.

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